Catch up

First off, the Doberman trial.  Ugh.

T2B was first and Tally was so wound up.  It was a very difficult course for T2B , in the regular class there were only 4 Qs in all jump heights.  One of the big problems was all the large dogs dropped the 2nd bar.  So weird.  It was just a straight two jump sequence which had a sharp right to the a-frame.  I don’t know, but of course Tally dropped the bar as well.  The rest went pretty well, we made it thru the two tunnel discriminations that many other dogs missed.  End of run behavior was bad, he jumped up at me but I yelled at him and he did finally go to his leash.

Next was JWW.  I feel like this was a really bad run.  He had 2 bars and ran around one jump.  He was just very, very high.  So I took him out to the field and let him herd starlings.  He just loves to chase those little birds.  By the time he was done, he was toast. Unfortunately we still had about a 2 hour wait for standard.

I thought the standard run was a disaster at the time.  For one thing, he reached over and bit my arm while he was on the aframe. Little turkey.  I should have just picked him up right then and there, but I was mortified and hoping no one saw it.  Then he had a sloppy teeter exiting off the side, and got called for that.  Turns out if not for that, we would have had a Q.  I guess it wasn’t too terrible, except the biting.

I have to say that in class, he has been stellar.  I cannot get him to try to bite, he doesn’t knock bars at all in class anymore.  So maybe there is hope.  I don’t know.  Maybe once I retire (6 days) and can get him out more hiking and practicing and running, he won’t be so keyed up at trials.  Maybe I will try to get him in another class as well, so we can get another perspective on his issues.  I know one thing, if we can get this figured out, it is going to be super sweet.  And he will be great.




Best day of agility in years.  Just so much fun.

At Karen Beattie Massey’s property in Enumclaw.  Such a beautiful spot, I just get so jealous every time I am there.  So wonderful to be outside on grass with a gorgeous 74 degree day.

What was not so wonderful was Tally’s first run.  Gamblers, which I did not for competition, just to see where he was naughtiness wise.  He held his start line and held all of his contacts, so that was good.  The bad part was he was having no part of this ‘get your leash” baloney at the end.  He has figured out that the only time there are treats at the leash is during training.  So he came after me and took a big nip on my arm.  It looks really worse than it is.  But still, very disappointing.

Next was standard.  Tally had a really nice run with of course just one bar, the last one.  But as he turned back to me at the end, I yelled at him in my best stern and LOUD voice and he backed off and even looked a little cowering. Like oh man she really means it.

Next was JWW, Tally again did well, holding his start and turning in a really fast time with just two bars down.  And here, he kept up the last bar.  I only had to yell a little bit at the end.

Last of all was Speedstakes, oh my gosh, my new favorite.  So much fun.  Tally ran it so well, only one little tricky part in the middle, which he nailed.  I was so proud.  Just one bar too, even though there was a long line of jumps I had to accelerate thru, he made good jumping decisions all the way thru, only getting the one bar right where he had to turn.

Again, he did try to turn back at me at the end, but I got him to back off really quick.  Sigh.  My plan now is to see how worked up I can get him in class and see if I can get him to go after me there, in hopes of getting some good corrections in.  I will still work on the “get your leash” behavior as well.

And I will be entering more UKI in the future.  I just loved the atmosphere of the trial.


Golden trial


this was the best run of the weekend. : (

At least that bar (the last one) was the only bar in standard both days.  JWW, not so much.  But in his defense, there was a thunderstorm with a torrential downpour right during our run, so it was a bit of a distraction.

Need to run faster.  Or get a slower dog.  He gets so frustrated when I don’t tell him where to go.  Poor boy.


Class 6/15

So much good stuff.  He was jumping and jumping last night and no bars!  Our standard course was HARD.  UKI stuff, I guess.  But one of the handling options was a push behind to a front cross blend?  I don’t know but I had the hardest time with it.  I tried again this morning when I was practicing with Tally – I think I got it, but it is one of those things, will I ever be brave enough to use it in a trial?  Hmmmm?

Put some video of a training session here for my use – lots of jumping over a 3 hour session, very few bars.  There was one, where I got way far ahead as Tally was coming out of a tunnel and I felt him start to jump so early I almost stopped him.  So I need to be really connected with him, can’t be running out in front of him like that.


Class 6/07

Tally is just getting so good.  Sigh. If not for bars, he would be awesome.  Maybe I should try some NADAC, I hear they have those hoops thingies in place of a lot of jumps.

BUT, the issue is, although I am not learning a “system”, what I am learning, and what Tally is learning, is much different than what and how Hannah learned.  So now when I run Hannah, things get awkward.  I forget I have to raise up my offside arm to cue a serp.  I forget that she doesn’t get backsides at all.

I brought her last night and for the jumpers course, it went jump to a backside jump.  Tally had no problem with this setup.  Hannah saw two jumps in a row and could not get her head around the fact she was supposed to go around the 2nd jump.  I finally resorted to doing a full on slingshot start with her where I did a quick front cross and post turned he to the backside.  It worked, but I don’t know if I would be able to figure that out at a trial!

So I was saying to my classmates that she is pretty much retired.  She doesn’t know any of the new handling, I think she is measuring jumps a lot, but my classmates were all like “you can’t retire her, she is running great”. I don’t know.  I do know that it is getting easier to run Tally.

No agility here

Just turned my retirement paperwork in.  Done deal.  Now just have I think 40 more days to work.  sigh.  Its going to go slow.

Playing with Tally a lot more in the yard and such now that it is nicer.  I enjoy having an almost full complement of agility stuff in my yard.  My dogwalk and A frame are training size, but they work fine for stopped contacts.  Trying to decide if I need to trade up for full size contacts when we move.  It would be nice to have the full size ones if I ever had anyone come over to practice with me, but otherwise, I don’t know….

A little agility break.  No trial this weekend due to the USDAA regionals I didn’t enter, and we don’t get class this week either due to preparations for regionals at Argus.  Next weekend, I guess we do have another little workshop at Argus with Heather which should be fun.  Then the next weekend skipping driving up to Mt. Vernon, going to pass on that for a while. Maybe once Tally gets up to Excellent/Masters and we can get done earlier in the day.

The following weekend, I am going to try to do both days of the Golden trial and see how that goes.  I just have a feeling the way its going that maybe right now he just needs some more time in the ring to turn the corner….  Or not.  I really don’t care, he is so fun to run.  I mean at some point all the knocked bars will wear me out, but I’m not there yet!



SKC May 2016

Tally is growing up.  He had his 3rd Birthday on May 17, which unfortunately I was not at home with him for, as Kaylee treated me to a little vacation up to Orcas Island for my mother’s day gift.

T2B came first and he had a decent run, but 3 bars down.  He was pretty keyed up, so I took him out to the field to wear him out.  It was quite a wait until JWW, so lots of time to get him settled.

His JWW run was really, really nice.  He had 2 bars, but he was trying so hard.  And still running fast, at 5.42 yps.  So I was pleased with that one.

Another long wait for standard.  I did bring him in early because it was just so yucky outside.  But he is getting to be so good at waiting!  Still have to work with him a bit, but there is no out of control barking and jumping around.

Standard was great – just one bar and it was my fault.  Just a little bit late on my cue.

I was very pleased at the end of the day.  I feel like the last trial with Tally was just a mess up on my part, wasn’t feeling good and it probably affected him as well.  Next week is USDAA regionals, which I am passing on, just too much going on, it wouldn’t be good for Tally. Then a workshop with Heather the following week and then a little break and I am going to enter a trial BOTH days to see if that helps Tally settle a bit.

All in all, feeling pretty positive about where we are right now.



Sno King May 2016

So, not my favorite trial.  Just have to say and I don’t want to make anyone mad.  Too much yelling.

Anyway, took Hannah on Friday for Excellent only day.  We were so so bad in standard.  It is just so hard to figure out how to connect with her after running Tally so much.  She knocked 3 bars, which is almost as many as she knocked in her whole career all together!

JWW, though, was lovely.  I told everyone if she knocked a bunch of bars, it might be her retirement run.  She ran fine, jumped fine, and had one of her fastest YPS ever.  You just never know. It was a very very easy course, so there was that.

On Friday night Dan and I went out, stayed out very late and I probably had too much beer.  Woke up not feeling well, luckily it was just Tally and our first class was at 1:30ish so I worked on fixing our home computer in the morning. Ugh.

Started with standard for Tally.  Not a good run at all.  He knocked the 2nd bar.  He was wild and wound up.  As he jumped off the table, he took the opportunity to reach out and bite my wrist.  I took the opportunity to end the run and walk him off the course.

Next was JWW. He was not really subdued at all.  He was listening, but he was in super fast running mode, don’t slow me down with any stupid jumps.  5 bars.  blech.

So by T2B, he was acting a little better.  He did have a couple bars, but really nice contacts, and since he had knocked bars I decided to see what I could do while he was weaving.  I pulled off the to right and got in position to front cross the next jump, and he did great with that.  So there were some good parts at least for that.  And very good end of run behavior.  The judge was really nice – he appreciated how much better Tally was in T2B than he was in standard.

Class 4/27

Better and better.  I think that working on his jumping every day is paying off.  At class we had a jump circle to start with and even Heather came over and said his jumping is so much better.  He only knocked one bar the whole time and that was when I was cueing him as he went over the bar.  Then we did a standard course that was pretty twisty and he did great.  The last drill was a jumpers course and we had less success there.  He just gets tired.  He doesn’t slow down when he is tired, he just forgets about leaving the bars up and gets sloppy.


Class 4/13

I just wanted to record that I really feel Tally is jumping so much better. In class we did a really tough standard course and Tally did it about 4 times thru and only knocked one bar a couple times.  It was the same bar, so it was probably on me.  He also is getting so much easier to handle in class.  I really think we may be able to do this.  But in any case, we are both having fun!

In other news…. I AM GOING TO RETIRE!!!! Yippee….

And when I retire, a puppy will magically appear in the Linthicum house.   ha ha.

Sorry Dan.