I just did one day of this trial, still not quite ready to have Hannah go back to agility full time yet.  Although she is fine.  The day started with standard.  It was a fun course, and Hannah really nailed it for a 3rd place Q.  JWW was an easy course, if you didn’t forget part of it. Which about half the handlers did.  Really. Including me.  Dang. 

The fun part of this trial was that they had a “B” match at the end of the day.  So I brought Tally along and we got to run a standard course and a JWW course.  How fun was that.  Two things Tally really needs work on.  1)  So so excited to even be near agilty.  Doesn’t even have to be watching!  Really over the top.  I need to record the noise he makes, it is quite unique. 

After having to try to control him whilst we waited our turn, I was a bit worried about what he would do once we actually got out on the course.  But he was fine.  He needs more obstacle focus.  I mean he was focused, just more on me than the actual obstacles.  And he could not do his touches.  Too excited.  But some parts were brilliant.  He is going to be faster than Hannah. 

Friday was Kaylee’s 27th birthday.  How can that even be?  We all went to breakfast at the Salish lodge to celebrate.  It was incredible.  Dan chose to golf today to celebrate Father’s day, so I worked around the house.  I don’t know if I wrote about this before, but our nextdoor neigbor moved out about 5 years ago.  He wife left him about 10 years ago, when he got remarried about 5 years ago, his new wife deemed our neighborhood was not suitable for her and her young son, so he bought a big fancy house about 10 miles south of here.  His house has been paid off for many years.  For several years he would come over to visit and work around the yard about once a week, but a couple years ago he stopped coming over.  So I started to mow his yard and keep his bushes trimmed just so it wouldn’t look so deserted.  Anyway, so now I do double yard work.  I have a fantasy that he will give his house to me.  ha ha.