Tally’s training is continuing to go well.  After getting unduly worried about how handler focused he was at the match and at class last week, yesterday in class he was great.  We did some jump sequencing and he was really moving out.  The boy tries so very hard.  Every second he is out there working he is just giving 100%, it is almost humbling.

I signed up for a little seminar this Saturday – 1/2 day of jumping skills and drills.  I plan on taking Tally, but I am not sure if he is ready — I don’t really know what they have in mind, so I will bring Hannah as well in case it is too much for the boy.

I am ready to start his weave training — I am going to actually train his weaves the same way I did Hannah’s, which requires a rather inticate set up.  Every time I go out in the backyard to work on setting it up, I get sidetracked with yard work.  Right now all my equipment is sitting off to the side because I decided the grass was too long and I needed to mow before setting it up.  Tonight, for sure.