So, not my favorite trial.  Just have to say and I don’t want to make anyone mad.  Too much yelling.

Anyway, took Hannah on Friday for Excellent only day.  We were so so bad in standard.  It is just so hard to figure out how to connect with her after running Tally so much.  She knocked 3 bars, which is almost as many as she knocked in her whole career all together!

JWW, though, was lovely.  I told everyone if she knocked a bunch of bars, it might be her retirement run.  She ran fine, jumped fine, and had one of her fastest YPS ever.  You just never know. It was a very very easy course, so there was that.

On Friday night Dan and I went out, stayed out very late and I probably had too much beer.  Woke up not feeling well, luckily it was just Tally and our first class was at 1:30ish so I worked on fixing our home computer in the morning. Ugh.

Started with standard for Tally.  Not a good run at all.  He knocked the 2nd bar.  He was wild and wound up.  As he jumped off the table, he took the opportunity to reach out and bite my wrist.  I took the opportunity to end the run and walk him off the course.

Next was JWW. He was not really subdued at all.  He was listening, but he was in super fast running mode, don’t slow me down with any stupid jumps.  5 bars.  blech.

So by T2B, he was acting a little better.  He did have a couple bars, but really nice contacts, and since he had knocked bars I decided to see what I could do while he was weaving.  I pulled off the to right and got in position to front cross the next jump, and he did great with that.  So there were some good parts at least for that.  And very good end of run behavior.  The judge was really nice – he appreciated how much better Tally was in T2B than he was in standard.