Tally is growing up.  He had his 3rd Birthday on May 17, which unfortunately I was not at home with him for, as Kaylee treated me to a little vacation up to Orcas Island for my mother’s day gift.

T2B came first and he had a decent run, but 3 bars down.  He was pretty keyed up, so I took him out to the field to wear him out.  It was quite a wait until JWW, so lots of time to get him settled.

His JWW run was really, really nice.  He had 2 bars, but he was trying so hard.  And still running fast, at 5.42 yps.  So I was pleased with that one.

Another long wait for standard.  I did bring him in early because it was just so yucky outside.  But he is getting to be so good at waiting!  Still have to work with him a bit, but there is no out of control barking and jumping around.

Standard was great – just one bar and it was my fault.  Just a little bit late on my cue.

I was very pleased at the end of the day.  I feel like the last trial with Tally was just a mess up on my part, wasn’t feeling good and it probably affected him as well.  Next week is USDAA regionals, which I am passing on, just too much going on, it wouldn’t be good for Tally. Then a workshop with Heather the following week and then a little break and I am going to enter a trial BOTH days to see if that helps Tally settle a bit.

All in all, feeling pretty positive about where we are right now.