Just turned my retirement paperwork in.  Done deal.  Now just have I think 40 more days to work.  sigh.  Its going to go slow.

Playing with Tally a lot more in the yard and such now that it is nicer.  I enjoy having an almost full complement of agility stuff in my yard.  My dogwalk and A frame are training size, but they work fine for stopped contacts.  Trying to decide if I need to trade up for full size contacts when we move.  It would be nice to have the full size ones if I ever had anyone come over to practice with me, but otherwise, I don’t know….

A little agility break.  No trial this weekend due to the USDAA regionals I didn’t enter, and we don’t get class this week either due to preparations for regionals at Argus.  Next weekend, I guess we do have another little workshop at Argus with Heather which should be fun.  Then the next weekend skipping driving up to Mt. Vernon, going to pass on that for a while. Maybe once Tally gets up to Excellent/Masters and we can get done earlier in the day.

The following weekend, I am going to try to do both days of the Golden trial and see how that goes.  I just have a feeling the way its going that maybe right now he just needs some more time in the ring to turn the corner….  Or not.  I really don’t care, he is so fun to run.  I mean at some point all the knocked bars will wear me out, but I’m not there yet!