Tally is just getting so good.  Sigh. If not for bars, he would be awesome.  Maybe I should try some NADAC, I hear they have those hoops thingies in place of a lot of jumps.

BUT, the issue is, although I am not learning a “system”, what I am learning, and what Tally is learning, is much different than what and how Hannah learned.  So now when I run Hannah, things get awkward.  I forget I have to raise up my offside arm to cue a serp.  I forget that she doesn’t get backsides at all.

I brought her last night and for the jumpers course, it went jump to a backside jump.  Tally had no problem with this setup.  Hannah saw two jumps in a row and could not get her head around the fact she was supposed to go around the 2nd jump.  I finally resorted to doing a full on slingshot start with her where I did a quick front cross and post turned he to the backside.  It worked, but I don’t know if I would be able to figure that out at a trial!

So I was saying to my classmates that she is pretty much retired.  She doesn’t know any of the new handling, I think she is measuring jumps a lot, but my classmates were all like “you can’t retire her, she is running great”. I don’t know.  I do know that it is getting easier to run Tally.