So much good stuff.  He was jumping and jumping last night and no bars!  Our standard course was HARD.  UKI stuff, I guess.  But one of the handling options was a push behind to a front cross blend?  I don’t know but I had the hardest time with it.  I tried again this morning when I was practicing with Tally – I think I got it, but it is one of those things, will I ever be brave enough to use it in a trial?  Hmmmm?

Put some video of a training session here for my use – lots of jumping over a 3 hour session, very few bars.  There was one, where I got way far ahead as Tally was coming out of a tunnel and I felt him start to jump so early I almost stopped him.  So I need to be really connected with him, can’t be running out in front of him like that.