Best day of agility in years.  Just so much fun.

At Karen Beattie Massey’s property in Enumclaw.  Such a beautiful spot, I just get so jealous every time I am there.  So wonderful to be outside on grass with a gorgeous 74 degree day.

What was not so wonderful was Tally’s first run.  Gamblers, which I did not for competition, just to see where he was naughtiness wise.  He held his start line and held all of his contacts, so that was good.  The bad part was he was having no part of this ‘get your leash” baloney at the end.  He has figured out that the only time there are treats at the leash is during training.  So he came after me and took a big nip on my arm.  It looks really worse than it is.  But still, very disappointing.

Next was standard.  Tally had a really nice run with of course just one bar, the last one.  But as he turned back to me at the end, I yelled at him in my best stern and LOUD voice and he backed off and even looked a little cowering. Like oh man she really means it.

Next was JWW, Tally again did well, holding his start and turning in a really fast time with just two bars down.  And here, he kept up the last bar.  I only had to yell a little bit at the end.

Last of all was Speedstakes, oh my gosh, my new favorite.  So much fun.  Tally ran it so well, only one little tricky part in the middle, which he nailed.  I was so proud.  Just one bar too, even though there was a long line of jumps I had to accelerate thru, he made good jumping decisions all the way thru, only getting the one bar right where he had to turn.

Again, he did try to turn back at me at the end, but I got him to back off really quick.  Sigh.  My plan now is to see how worked up I can get him in class and see if I can get him to go after me there, in hopes of getting some good corrections in.  I will still work on the “get your leash” behavior as well.

And I will be entering more UKI in the future.  I just loved the atmosphere of the trial.