First off, the Doberman trial.  Ugh.

T2B was first and Tally was so wound up.  It was a very difficult course for T2B , in the regular class there were only 4 Qs in all jump heights.  One of the big problems was all the large dogs dropped the 2nd bar.  So weird.  It was just a straight two jump sequence which had a sharp right to the a-frame.  I don’t know, but of course Tally dropped the bar as well.  The rest went pretty well, we made it thru the two tunnel discriminations that many other dogs missed.  End of run behavior was bad, he jumped up at me but I yelled at him and he did finally go to his leash.

Next was JWW.  I feel like this was a really bad run.  He had 2 bars and ran around one jump.  He was just very, very high.  So I took him out to the field and let him herd starlings.  He just loves to chase those little birds.  By the time he was done, he was toast. Unfortunately we still had about a 2 hour wait for standard.

I thought the standard run was a disaster at the time.  For one thing, he reached over and bit my arm while he was on the aframe. Little turkey.  I should have just picked him up right then and there, but I was mortified and hoping no one saw it.  Then he had a sloppy teeter exiting off the side, and got called for that.  Turns out if not for that, we would have had a Q.  I guess it wasn’t too terrible, except the biting.

I have to say that in class, he has been stellar.  I cannot get him to try to bite, he doesn’t knock bars at all in class anymore.  So maybe there is hope.  I don’t know.  Maybe once I retire (6 days) and can get him out more hiking and practicing and running, he won’t be so keyed up at trials.  Maybe I will try to get him in another class as well, so we can get another perspective on his issues.  I know one thing, if we can get this figured out, it is going to be super sweet.  And he will be great.